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July/August 2007  •  Volume 2, Number 4

From the Editor
The Rapidly Changing Face of Medicare (PDF, 208 KB, 3 pages)
Richard G. Stefanacci, DO, MGH, MBA, AGSF, CMD  •  p. 6
Feature Articles
Just Walk In—Convenient Care Has Arrived (PDF, 190 KB, 8 pages)
The convenient care industry responds to consumers' desires for just-in-time health care by providing improved access to basic preventitve health services.
Jennifer Maybin   •  p. 14
Medicare's Quagmire (PDF, 137 KB, 3 pages)
Medicare's move toward value-based purchasing, aimed at guaranteeing quality patient care through incentives to providers, faces painful budgetary restraints and the need to properly align progrma goals.
p. 22
Primer on Medicare Preventive Services (PDF, 161 KB, 5 pages)
Since its first offerings in 1981, Medicare has come a long way in covering preventative services. This primer details the latest coverage and the billing codes to use.
Todd H. Goldberg, MD, CMD, FACP   •  p. 25
Medicare and Administrative Burden (PDF, 113 KB, 2 pages)
CMS' Dr. Rogers invites all physicians to participate in the Practicing Physician Advisory Council (PPAC), the Open Door Forum, and the Physicians Regulatory Issues Team (PRIT) to help reduce Medicare's administrative burden.
William D. Rogers, MD, FACEP   •  p. 30
Advancing Excellence in America's Nursing Homes (PDF, 176 KB, 5 pages)
This coalition-based campaign to improve the quality of care and life in America's nursing homes invites participation by facilities and consumers to reach 8 clinical and organizational quality goals.
Andrew Miller, MD, MPH, and Lisa M. Roche, MPH, PhD   •  p. 32
Opposing Views (PDF, # KB, 1 page)
AARP and PhRMA clash on Medicare's negotiation of drug prices.
p. 37
Clinical Guidelines: Guidelines for Pharmacist Counseling of Geriatric Patients  •  p. 11
Case Study: Optimal Transition of a Nursing Facility Resident to the Emergency Department   •  p. 13
Ask the Experts: Should the Federal Government Negotiate Drug Prices?  •  p. 38
Resources: Health Reform, Health Literacy, Drug Retail Battles, and Glaucoma   •  p. 40
Medicare Minutes  •  p. 42
Technology & Information  •  p. 45
Facts & Stats   •  p. 48

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