University of the Sciences in Philadelphia

Author Instructions


Articles should focus on practical approaches to enhancing care for seniors with Medicare coverage. Although Medicare Patient Management is peer reviewed, its articles should be written in a style that is somewhat informal and easy for busy clinicians to read. When appropriate, articles should include figures and/or tables.


Articles should be lightly, but sufficiently, referenced and authors’ opinion should be stated as such. Authors are responsible for accuracy of references. Include all authors’ names/initials for works with up to four authors. For works with 5 or more authors, include the first three names/initials and “et al”. References should be numbered according to order in which they appear in the text.

Graphic Elements

The use of figures, tables and photos/artwork is encouraged. Data in tables/figures should not merely duplicate data in article text; instead they should enhance/supplement the text. Authors are responsible for securing permission to use previously published figures, tables and photos/artwork and send a copy of all applicable permissions with the manuscript.

Guidelines for Submission

Electronic submission is preferred. Files may be e-mailed (as attachments) to: CD or DVD files (labeled with article name and first author’s name) or hard copy manuscripts may be mailed to: Joan Horvath, Medicare Patient Management, 259 Veterans lane, 3rd floor, Doylestown, PA 18901.

  • Body of article: The manuscript should include a title page with all authors’ first and last names and affiliations; the body of the article; references; and figure legends. Do not embed graphic elements (tables, figures, etc.) within the body of the article.
  • Tables: Send each as a separate file or e-mail attachment, labeled “Table 1,” “Table 2,” etc. Each should have a heading (title). Do not place table text in boxes or separate the elements of the table with lines. Please do not submit excessively long tables (maximum length should fill one-half to one printed page).
  • Photos/figures: Each photo/figure should be saved as a separate electronic file (EPS or TIFF format), labeled “Figure 1,” “Figure 2,” etc. Preferred resolution is 600 dpi; minimum is 300 dpi. Please supply legends for all figures; these should be included at the end of the body of the article, following references. Author(s) may also mail photographs, slides and photographic-quality artwork for scanning, or they may send electronic files—on CDs, DVDs, or Zip disks. We cannot scan laser printouts or photocopies.

Editing Process

All accepted articles will be edited and then sent to the author(s) for final approval before being reviewed by two Editorial Board members. Copy Editor will serve as liaison between authors and reviewers until reviewers’ questions and concerns have been addressed. Publication is subject to approval by Editor-in-Chief Richard G. Stefanacci, DO, MGH, MBA, AGSF, CMD. Authors will receive five copies of the issue in which their article appears.

Direct all inquiries regarding submission to:

Joan Horvath
Medicare Patient Management
259 Veterans Lane, 3rd Floor
Doylestown, PA 18901
Telephone: 215-489-7000
Facsimile: 215-489-7007

Authors who would like to receive a copy of Medicare Patient Management before writing an article should fax a request for a sample copy to Jennifer Kenny at 215-489-7007.

A PDF version of these instructions is also available (55 KB, 1 page).